Toril back to the VLN with the AMG GT4

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Miguel Toril culminates a new appointment of the VLN Series aboard the Mercedes-AMG GT4 and improves his performance.

The 6th meeting of the VLN Series 2018 took place on Saturday 1st, at the usual Nordschleife location and Miguel Toril repeated with Team Black Falcon and with a new teammate, the German Alexander Kolb, as part of his sporadic program in the championship.

From the start of the qualifying practice, Miguel Toril showed to continue improving his skills around the "Green Hell" by achieving the third best time in the SP10 category; very close to the Pole Position. An incident at the beginning of the race made Alex Kolb to drop to the 7th position of the category and despite the time recovered by Miguel during his double stint, the team could only finish in 6th place.

Miguel Toril: "I leave the Nürburgring very satisfied today, despite the result in the race. Although I do not compete in all the races of the championship and it is only the second time aboard the AMG GT4 here, it has been possible to show that I have performed at a very good level. I feel ready to compete in a program here and I hope that opportunity comes. I thank Black Falcon for having me back today".