One step back and one leap forward.

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Miguel Toril: “Since the beginning of my career at Motorsport, 19 exceptional seasons have passed and by 2020 the time has come to step on the brake and drive into the box; I have decided to withdraw from the competition, at least for the moment, mainly for two reasons.

First of all, in the coming months I am facing with a series of personal and professional projects that are already requiring my time and effort, and that I also want to address with great interest and expectation. It is a key moment to spend more time with family, friends, work and partners.

Additionally, I must admit that at the moment I don’t find a program in conditions that motivate me enough to use the personal resources that this sport requires and as I have always liked to say: either I dedicate all my interest, or I prefer not to do it.

I have the great fortune to be able to say that in this new stage that begins for me, I will continue to collaborate with my -until now- sponsor CRUZBER, maintaining my status as ambassador of the CRUZ brand, participating in its development and carrying out new projects.

The road until here has undoubtedly been intense, but also exciting and all this thanks to an innumerable number of people who have supported me and without whom, surely everything would have been very different.

A step back from the competition stage and an expected leap of quality forward in my life. Thanks to all who have walked with me, much success to those who continue and goodbye everyone (or maybe only see you soon, who knows?)”.